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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fifth- Challenge 1


With a partner, go around the school and find the objects listed below.  Whne you find the object, measure it in inches and centimeters. After you find all the objects, put them in order from largest to smallest. 


   Hockey Stick






Monday, May 2, 2011

Fourth - Challenge 3

Perimeter Worksheet

Fourth- Challenge 2

Click on the link below and complete the activity.

Measurement in My Life Worksheet

Fourth- Challenge 1

How many......?
Record your answers on a seperate sheet of paper.

Inches in 1 foot
Inches in 2 feet
Inches in 21/2 feet
Inches in 31/2 feet
Inches in 4 feet
Inches in 5 feet
Inches in 51/2 feet
Inches in 7 feet
Inches in 11 feet
Inches in 12 feet
Inches in one yard
Inches in 2 yards
Inches in 3 yards
Inches in 6 yards
Feet in 24 inches
Feet in 48 inches
Feet in 60 inches
Feet in 84 inches
Feet in 96 inches
Feet in 108 inches
Feet in one yard
Feet in 6 yards
Feet in 21 yards
Yards in 36 inches

Third- Challenge 3